Model Ships

Model Ships

ModelSpace have a fantastic range of Model Ships on offer. Choose from wooden ships, warships and sailing boats. Order online and start building!
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Beautiful, enigmatic and intricate, model ships have long held a fascination for enthusiasts around the world. With a huge variety of designs, styles and skill levels to choose from it’s easy to find a project to suit your skill level and your interests. Whether you love the craftsmanship of sailing boats or the organic look of wooden ships, these highly accurate and well-built models make the perfect project for experienced builders and beginners alike.

From a sturdy 18th Century battleship like the HMS Victory and other historical wooden ships to more contemporary model sailing boats, we stock a fantastic and exciting range of beautiful scale ships making it easy to find the perfect boat for your next modelling project.

Fantastic for building either as a family or tackling individually, our warships, clippers and sailing boats offer the chance to work on a project that’s both technically demanding and satisfyingly creative. What’s more, every battleship model has a unique story behind it, allowing you to learn some fascinating history as well as build a stunning, and accurate, model ship. Once you’ve completed your ship, there are plenty of other designs to take on including cars, tanks, planes and more.

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