GAZ-13 Chaika

Here come the Men In not those ones, it’s the real life KGB boys in this fantastic GAZ-13. The big, luxurious V8 195hp Chaika outgunned the mighty GAZ Volga in terms of power (although 0-60 in those days was still 20 seconds). These large cars were ideal for the secret police to cruise around in - with plenty of room to drag in those pesky dissenters.

GAZ-13 Chaika£9.99


Bundle 4£24.97


1:43 scale die-cast model. Of all the Soviet cars, this Chaika ('Gull') is the one that looks most like it has driven straight out of 1950's America. Production started in 1960 and ran until 1981, although less than 4,000 were ever made!

Get your hands on this fantastic die-cast model (in black, with silver trim, of course). 1:43 scale with authentic Russian magazine (you won't be able to spot the agents in there - they're very good).

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The GAZ-13 Chaika is available for pruchase both individually or as part of a bundle.

GAZ-13 + authentic Russian magazine                           £9.99
Bundle 4 (Moskvitch 408 + Moskvitch 423 + GAZ 13 )  £24.97 (save £5!)

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Model detail

1:43 scale diecast model with plastic and rubber detailing, supplied in plastic packaging with a Russian magazine about the car.

Overall Dimensions

approximate size:

Length: 134mm

Width:  46mm

Height: 37mm

Inside the Magazine

Inside our magazine


Image 2

Special Bundle Offer

Why not save £5 and get these 3 great models and magazines for only £24.97

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