HMS Sovereign of the Seas

HMS Sovereign of the Seas is a new magazine that comes complete with all the parts to build a stunning model of the most powerful warship of the 17th century. Launched in 1637, and also known as the infamous "Golden Devil". HMS Sovereign of the Seas was the largest vessel of her time. Issue by issue discover the history and techniques of ship building and ship modelling, and experience for yourself the pure pleasure of building such a magnificent ship.

Sails and Flags
The cloth and flags are supplied already cut and sewn.

The unique and lavish decor was awe inspiring and shocked the other European seafaring nations of that time. The figurehead and decor of the ship are all made from finely machined metal castings.

Masts and Yards
The masts, yards and flagpoles are easily fitted with rigging and other essentials.

Every rope and spar is accurately depicted.

Anchors and Davits
The working anchors and davits are faithfully reproduced.

Finest Details
Guns, winches and the deck equipment are all superbly designed and finished.

She was the first ship in the world to be armed with more than 100 guns.

Model detail
1:84 scale*
High-quality wooden and cast metal parts
Cannons and anchors
Cloth sails and flags
Complete rigging
Cast metal decorations
Overall dimensions
Length: 1100mm
Height: 900mm
Beam: 400mm

*Approx scale as real scale is historically unknown

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Step-by-step instructions

The HMS Sovereign of the Seas is constructed using modern modelling techniques, which ensure that your finished model will be of the finest quality. Marine modelling brings together a wide range of skills, including working with wood and metal, plus more specialist techniques for sail-making and rigging, painting and finish. You do not need to be an expert modeller as clear instructions show you how to assemble and finish each high-quality part, every step of the way. Plus there are plenty of expert hints and tips to guide you through all the stages of the assembly, and our very own online official build.


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Issue 1


This issue features the origins of HMS Sovereign of the Seas, HMS Bellona in Chatham Dockyard, plus a cannon and the first parts of the hull.

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