The Battleship Yamato

The Battleship Yamato, the iconic flagship of Japan's World War II fleet in 1:250 scale

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The Battleship Yamato in action

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The battleship Yamato, the iconic flagship of Japan's World War II fleet, was sunk on the 7 April 1945 about 50 miles southwest of Kyushu island in an overwhelming display of force by the US Navy. Three months later, in August 1945, all the drawings ­ and even the official photographs ­ of the ships were destroyed by the Japanese Command in an attempt to protect their designs from the approaching Allied forces.

Working closely with the Yamato Museum in Kure, Japan, De Agostini's master model-maker has developed an incredibly detailed, 1:250 scale model of the battleship Yamato. Using a 1:10 scale replica housed in the Museum as reference, alongside rediscovered drawings and photos from both the Japanese archive and allied reconnaissance photos, the Yamato has been painstakingly researched and rebuilt as a finely-detailed model kit. Consisting of over 500 wooden parts and 1,200 pieces cast in metal, this beautifully detailed model has already been a huge success in its native Japan and was launched for the first time in the UK by Model Space.

The battleship Yamato is available exclusively to Model Space customers as a series of 11 or 22 monthly instalments, or as a one-off purchase for all of the parts. This model is not available anywhere else and is a stunning addition to any ship modeller's collection. Plus, using detailed step-by-step instructions and clear photography, the Yamato is suitable for both experienced modellers and those new to the hobby.

Your step-by-step instructions are available to download each month. We will send you an email to let you know when these are ready for download. Please note that these are in PDF format and you can see an example from our HMS Surprise here /media/66021/hms_surprise_combined.pdf 

With your third despatch you will receive a magnificent aluminium-cased tool kit FREE worth over £40! The items include:

  • Modellers drill
  • Drill bits
  • Round nosed pliers
  • Cutters
  • Nailer
  • 2 metal files
  • Swan necked tweezers
  • Cutting tool & blades
  • Plank bender

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Purchase Details

Now available, you can chose to purchase the Battleship Yamato over:

11 monthly instalments at £50 or

22 monthly instalments at £25.


Battleship Yamato

Tool Kit
Model detail
  • Brass propellers/prop shafts
  • Photo-etched brass treaded deck plates
  • Laser-cut plywood
  • Cast metal superstructure parts
  • Photo-etched brass detail parts
  • Planked deck (individual planks)
  • Cast metal gun turrets
  • Brass gun barrels
  • Waterline marking tool
  • Plank on frame hull
  • Updated design info relating to recent research
Overall Dimensions
  • Length: 1052mm (41.4")
  • Height: 289mm (11.4")
  • Beam: 150mm (5.9")
  • Scale: 1:250

Modelling information

Step-by-step instructions


Each piece of your model is superbly detailed and made from the highest quality materials. The clear instructions show how to assemble and finish the parts - every step of the way.

Marine modelling brings together a wide range of skills, including working with wood and metal, plus more specialist techniques for sail-making and rigging, painting and finishing. Even if you've never tried this type of project before, you'll be able to put your Victory together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go, with a host of expert tips to guide you through assembling each new set of parts.

Assembly guide with every issue to help you model



Expert tips to help build your model

Build amazing detailed model parts

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Every part clearly labelled for assembly



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