HMS Bounty

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Famous through countless books and films HMS Bounty originally started life as the merchant ship Bethia, built in Hull in 1784. The Bounty, under Lieutenant William Bligh, was returning breadfruit from Tahiti when the crew mutinied. Bligh and his loyal officers were set adrift whilst the crew set sail for Pitcain Island.

This magnificent model is made from a variety of quality wood and is to the scale 1:48


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Model no: 22810

Length: 980mm   (38 19/32")

Height: 763mm  (30 1/32")

Beam: 355mm  (13 31/32")

Scale: 1:48

The Ship's History

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Fitted as a frigate, HMS Bounty is the ship that sailed into the history books in 1789 when Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers forced the tyrannical Captain Bligh and 18 loyal crew members into an open longboat  with few provisions and cast it adrift.  

The Bounty sailed on and anchored at Pitcairn Island, while in an extraordinary feat of seamanship, Bligh and his men survived the open sea to make land on the island of Timor: a journey of 4,000 miles!  

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