4 Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World When we build scale models, we slowly but surely build something amazing out of nothing, but we...
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ModelSpace Idbox 3D Printer

8 Everyday Household Problems Solved by a 3D Printer Where did you leave your keys? How can you keep your towel dry in your tiny...
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Image of ModelSpace idbox! 3D Printer

Build Your Own 3D Printer, the idbox! Anything you can imagine, you can make! Easy! De Agostini ModelSpace launched their 3D Printer. The idbox! is a...
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Image of 3D Printer - idbox!

How to Get Started with 3D Printing The tech media is abuzz with news of the latest developments in 3D printing. What seemed to be...
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Image of scale modelling cutting board with polaroids of various scale models, as cover image for a blog about the ModelSpace August scale modeller of the month - Anthony Widdowson.

ModelSpace Scale Modeller of the Month – August 2016 Everybody has a reason for building scale models, whether it’s the thrill of piecing something together from...
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Image of a model train, as part of a blog about model train scales and sizes.

Model Train Scales & Sizes Explained There’s something special about model trains. Whether moving or static, train hobbyists can all agree that a well-made model...
Image of several scale model planes, as part of a blog about how to make model planes.

Image of person painting scale model ship, as part of a blog about how to paint model kits.