Cover image of a 1:4 scale model Captain America motorbike, for a blog about the history and cultural significance of the bike made famous by the 1960s Easy Rider film.

The Captain America Chopper - Easy Rider’s American Icon Nowadays, when you think of world-famous motorcycles your mind will probably think of brands like Honda,...
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Image of the Vasa ship, for a blog about this famous Swedish warship.

Vasa - The Tragic History of Sweden’s Greatest Warship When it comes to the famed ships of history, most are recognised for their design, beauty,...
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Image of man sanding wood, as the cover image for a blog about abrasives and how to sand scale models.

Scale Modelling Tips: Essential Abrasives and Sanding Guide Whether you’re working with wood, metal, or plastic, at some point in your scale modelling experience you’ll...
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Image of the De Agostini ModelSpace 1:8 scale Porsche 911 Carrera replica, for a blog about the history of the Porsche 911 Carrera.

Porsche 911 - History and Evolution of a Classic Sports Car Now over 50 years old, and with over 1 million sold worldwide, the 911...
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Image of the De Agostini ModelSpace 1:144 scale Thunderbirds 2 prop replica, for a blog about scale modeller Eddie Bertholdi and his Thunderbird 2 kit.

Scale Model Story: Eddie and the Thunderbird 2 Whether you’re looking to test yourself with an intricate ship, or want to recapture your childhood with...
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Image of DeAgostini ModelSpace Dinky Toys diecast model cars, as part of a blog about our best diecast models.

Our Best Diecast Models Unlike the large scale models that we offer as subscriptions or full kits, our diecast models come pre-made and ready to...
Image of several scale model planes, as part of a blog about how to make model planes.