Image of the De Agostini ModelSpace 1:84 HMS Sovereign of the Seas scale model, as the cover image for a blog about how to create a historically accurate scale model.

How to Create a Historically Accurate Scale Model No matter if you’re building a plane, train, car, ship, or tank, every scale model takes a...
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Image of man building De Agostini ModelSpace 1:8 Mustang GT500 scale model, as the cover image for a blog about how to kit bash scale models.

Scale Modelling Tips: How to Kit-Bash When you’re starting out in the world of scale modelling, it’s generally best to find a model kit that...
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Image of multiple DeAgostini ModelSpace diecast models, as the cover image for a blog about how to start your diecast models collection.

Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Diecast Models Diecast models are much more than toys, accurately showcasing the mechanical and historical innovations of the original vehicles. Because...
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Image of person preparing Senna McLaren MP4/4 scale model decal

Scale Model Tips - How to Apply Decals Correctly As you come to the end of a scale model build, you often have a few...
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Blog cover image showing Senna DVD and model parts - all included as part of the Senna McLaren MP4/4 model kit from DeAgostini ModelSpace

ModelSpace Senna McLaren MP4/4 Build Diary: Introduction Without a doubt, the McLaren MP4/4 is a true Formula 1 legend. With Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost...
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Image of person painting scale model ship, as part of a blog about how to paint model kits.

How to Paint Model Kits If you’re building a scale model, large or small, chances are you’ll need to unleash your paint brushes or airbrushes...
Image of Jaguar E-type 1:8 scale model, as part of a blog about how to make model cars.