Image of man building De Agostini ModelSpace 1:8 Mustang GT500 scale model, as the cover image for a blog about how to kit bash scale models.

Scale Modelling Tips: How to Kit-Bash When you’re starting out in the world of scale modelling, it’s generally best to find a model kit that...
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Image of the De Agostini ModelSpace 1:84 HMS Sovereign of the Seas scale model, as the cover image for a blog about how to create a historically accurate scale model.

How to Create a Historically Accurate Scale Model No matter if you’re building a plane, train, car, ship, or tank, every scale model takes a...
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Image of scale model parts from ModelSpace Senna McLaren 1I8 scale Formula 1 car, as part of a blog about choosing your first scale model.

How to Choose Your First Scale Model Choosing your first scale model is a big deal. While the commitment isn’t quite as large as buying...
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Cover image of various scale model tools, for a blog about the top scale model tools and how and when to use them.

Scale Model Tools Guide – What to Use and When Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or currently building your hundredth scale model, there’s no denying...
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Image of a father and son building a scale model Douglas DC3 airplane, as part of a blog about the top 5 reasons to build scale models with your children.

Top 5 Reasons to Build Scale Models With Your Children Sometimes it can be tricky to find hobbies for kids, especially those that parents can...
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Image of a model train, as part of a blog about model train scales and sizes.

Model Train Scales & Sizes Explained There’s something special about model trains. Whether moving or static, train hobbyists can all agree that a well-made model...
Image of several scale model planes, as part of a blog about how to make model planes.

Image of person painting scale model ship, as part of a blog about how to paint model kits.