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Build a superbly detailed 1:8 scale replica of the Fiat 126p, a small car that has made the history

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Get the first 5 stages of your model with Pack 1
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The Fiat 126p in depth

Made from die-cast metal and prefinished to a superb standard, all the components are assembled with nuts and bolts or screws, as much like the original car as possible. The hood and trunk open to reveal the mechanical details, and the model has working suspension, steering and electronics.

Despite the small size of the car, it was even successfully paired with a specially designed Niewiadów N126 caravan – which is modeled in the same scale. It was a testament to the little engine that it could cope with loads like these. Over time, the original 594cc unit was bored out to 652cc, then 704cc, with a consequent increase in power.
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  • Length
    with caravan...33.5 inches

Specially designed Niewiadów N126 caravan

Your build consists of 24 packs. Each pack has several stages.  Click Here for more details

For each pack, you will need to download detailed step-by-step assembly guides showing you how to build your model directly from the build section.

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Build the Fiat 126 Model Car in 1:8 Scale

This 1:8-scale model is a faithful replica of the much-loved little car that put millions on wheels and gave whole families the freedom of the open road.

Launched in 1972, the 126 was an update on Fiat's popular 500 city/economy car. Powered by a small, rear-mounted twin-cylinder engine, it had similar dimensions to Britain's iconic Mini, and sold almost as well, reaching over 4.5 million before it was discontinued in 2000.

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