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The admiralty style model of the Bounty

A unique model to learn about ancient naval architecture
This 1:48 scale model of the HMS Bounty, entirely made of wood, offers you the chance to build a naval model faithfully following the ancient construction techniques.

The model is open from both sides, up to the first deck, so you can admire the internal structures: the keel, the frames, the mast feet and the first parts of the masts, the beams and part of the internal planking. The ship's wheel, cannons, galley, bell and many other details faithfully replicate the original vessel's components.

Designed from the construction plans, but supplied in assembly kits, this admiralty style model of the Bounty allows you to understand the structure of the actual ship and to build a model that faithfully replicates the ancient techniques of building ship models.

Download here the official drawings of the project.

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For each pack, you will need to download detailed step-by-step assembly guides showing you how to build your model directly from the build section.

HMS Bounty - Assembly guides
HMS Bounty model ship

To build an admiralty model means to build a scale replica that faithfully replicates the original construction drawings.

Until the second half of the 17th century, the construction and design of vessels was commissioned to builders who normally worked looking at their experience, acquired over generations and handed down from father to son.

This model of the Bounty was born from the need to show everyone the unique pleasure of building an admiralty model, a goal now achievable by every naval modeling enthusiast.

Download here an overview of admiralty modelling.

HMS Bounty

The History

The Bounty, originally a merchant vessel, was later purchased and perfected at the behest of the Royal Navy. It became an imposing and prestigious ship, chosen for a strategic mission for the commercial development of the English colonies.
On it took place one of the most renowned mutinies of all time, made famous by the daring and heroic events of its crew, protagonist of one of the most gripping pages in the history of seafaring.

Download here the detailed history of the actual HMS Bounty.

HMS Bounty - The History
HMS Bounty - Il cantiere

The construction site

The construction of your model starts precisely from the construction of the shipyard that contains the entire structure.

The assembly of each component is facilitated by a 1:1 scale diagram. Each component of the sailboat is pre-shaped with laser cut on solid wood boards. The thickness of the wooden parts are in scale to perfectly replicate the art of admiralty style modelling.

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