Mazda Cosmo Sport

The Legendary
Mazda Cosmo Sport
is back after 50 years. Build it together with its
10A rotary engine

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Get the first 5 stages of your model with Pack 1
Get the first 5 stages of your model with Pack 1
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The fun doubles: build two working models at the same time!

The Mazda Cosmo Sport in depth


  • Lenght...approx 20.5 inches
  • Width...approx 8 inches
  • Height...approx 5.8 inches

The Mazda Cosmo Sport was produced from 1967, and was the first production car in the world with a mass-produced rotary engine. The real vehicle, after careful restoration, was converted into digital data using the most recent 3D scanning techniques and then reproduced in a 1:8 scale model. It is approximately 52 cm long and made from high quality materials including die-cast metal. The details of the real car have been perfectly reproduced thanks to the quality of the digitalised data.

The model used to make this replica is the Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B, which was produced in large numbers until 1972. The replica has working LED lights and sound effects. Proportions and details have been faithfully reproduced in this 1:8 scale model of the Mazda Cosmo Sport.
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10A rotary engine


  • Height...approx 6.3 inches
  • Width...approx 6.8 inches
  • Thickness...approx 2.5 inches

This 1:2 scale model of the rotary engine is a perfect replica of the 10A engine which was mounted in the Mazda Cosmo Sport.

Turning the handle on the back, the rotor will turn inside the stator. You will be able to see it rotate thanks to the transparent front cover. The two spark plugs light up alternately, just like in the real vehicle.

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Scarica le istruzioni di montaggio
Istruzioni di montaggio Mazda Cosmo Sport

12 shipments. Each shipment includes several assembly phases of the car and the engine, which you will assemble at the same time.
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Interview with Mr. Hoshino

Interview with Mr. Hoshino, President of a Cosmo Sport Owners’ Club and expert of rotary engines.

"What did you think of the Cosmo sport model?"

I thought “this is a great idea” says Mr. Senji Hoshino, an expert in Cosmo Sport Restoration. He showed his great appreciation for the prototype of the model car with its 1:2 scale model rotary engine. He runs a garage that restores, repairs and sells Cosmo Sport cars. "It is well made. If you are a fan of the Cosmo Sport, then you will surely want to own one."

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