Lord Nelson's HMS Victory

1:84 scale - replica of the ultimate model of Britain's most famous warship

HMS Victory | 1:84 Model

HMS Victory | 1:84 Model
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica
Build HMS Victory - 1:84 scale replica

HMS Victory | 1:84 Model

HMS Victory | 1:84 Model

Build an impressive 1:84-scale replica of the HMS Victory.

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Embark on an exciting journey of discovery. Build your own replica of the HMS Victory tall ship, Lord Nelson's flagship at the legendary battle of Trafalgar. A 1:84 wooden scale model of the original vessel, this exquisite model details every feature of the original ship.

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Embark on an exciting journey of discovery. Build your own scale model HMS Victory tall ship – Lord Nelson's flagship at the legendary battle of Trafalgar. A 1:84 wooden scale model of the original vessel, this exquisite model details every feature of the original ship. This comes with everything you need to build an incredible and unique model – to the highest standards. Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory will supply you with all the parts to model this iconic ship of the line, including her sails, riggings, flags, armament and even crew members. 

Each pack of Build Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory will supply you with all the parts to model this iconic ship of the line, including her sails, rigging, flags, armament and even crew members. Simply download the detailed step-by-step assembly guide showing you how to build your model directly from our website under the Build Section. Along with the clearly photographed instructions, the guide will explain all the modelling techniques you’ll need to achieve superb results, and include useful hints and tips to help you master the trickier skills involved.

The breathtaking 1:84-scale model is accurate to the last detail, including sails and rigging, and Victory’s full complement of 104 guns. Learn more about the HMS Victory history on our lastest blog

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  1. Each shipment includes high-quality metal and wooden parts to build your 1:84 scale model ship
  2. Choose your option:
    Pay-as-you-build: 12 months option at £79.99 per month. 
    Full Kit: £849.
  3. Free delivery to UK and Ireland. 
  4. Your step-by-step instructions are available to download directly from us under the Build Section.
  5. No commitment, No obligation - You are free to cancel at any time or return your Full Kit within 14 days. 

Key Features of the HMS Victory

Hardwood planking over hardwood ribs

Lifelike models of Nelson and his deck crew

Accurate representation of every rope and spar

Two cupids supporting the royal coat of arms surmounted with the royal crown

A figurehead with inscription: "shame to him who evil thinks"

Optional visible interior - You can choose to build a complete hull or leave off part of the planking to expose the gun decks.

Period touches include signal flags showing the first part of the admiral’s message before the Battle of Trafalgar: ‘England expects that every man will do his duty.’

Model Detail

Made of wood and metal   |   Includes all the sails and rigging    |   Plus die cast figures of the crew

Overall Dimensions

Length: 1250 mm (49 ¼")   |   Height: 850 mm (33 ½")   |   Beam: 450 mm (17 ¾")   |   Scale: 1:84

Clear step-by-step instructions show how to assemble and finish the parts - every step of the way. Even if you've never tried this type of project before, you'll be able to put your HMS Victory together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go.

Through your building experience, you will have help from our experts with the easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly guide. You can take a look also at our exclusive HMS Victory Forum and discuss with fellow modelers.
Even as a model-making novice, you can build this unique 1:84 scale model together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go. 

Build the HMS Victory
Build Diary, Pack 1, Stage 1
Build Diary, Pack 1, Stage 2
Build Diary, Pack 1, Stage 3
Build Diary, Pack 1, Stages 4

Your Build consists of 12 Packs. Each Pack has 10 stages. CLICK HERE for more details. 

Download Step by step guide


HMS Victory | 1:84 Model
  • 2017-10-03 14:12:38
    Very pleased with this kit and the way DeAgostini have the kits boxed up for each months subscription. I have the 12 month option on this wonderful kit and eagerly await each pack, I'm on pack 1 just now and have loved every part of the construction up until now and have the ships boat to build and the carronade to complete..great looking forward to the rest of the packs coming for the next 11 months!!
  • 2016-05-05 07:04:21
    I am halfway through this build and it has been a wonderful experience, I eagerly await the dispatches every month so that I can continue the build. I have never built a wooden ship before, but thanks to the very good instructions and online help via the DeAgostini HMS Victory Forum and platforms like Youtube, building this ship has been doable for a novice.
  • 2015-03-20 19:19:37
    Easy to follow instructions make this an easy build for novice or master builder. Top quality wood and metal parts are provided along with building tips from start to finish making this a dream to build.
  • 2014-08-25 18:01:58
    This is an absolutely fantastic partwork for beginners or experienced modellers alike. The week by week instructions are a joy to follow with every single step clearly explained with full colour photos. At the time of writing I have still not completed the build but only have the yards left to fit and as I have now received all my parts I can honestly vouch for the quality of materials used in the build, they truly are first class. Well done to DeAgostini for this, the undisputed "flagship" of their period ship range.
  • 2014-08-18 18:39:36
    so far i have only received part 1&2 and i am looking to receiving more issues so my review is very restricted however the whole thing seems very exciting I would like to know when i can expect my next delivery
  • 2014-08-18 18:39:03
  • 2014-08-18 18:38:29
    i think it is good
  • 2014-08-18 18:37:56
    Review of Deagostini's Lord Nelson's Victory. By Karl1113. Part work over 120 issues. Having built several Victory kits before at 1/96th. scale,which included mantua,and others,I was really looking foreward to this one at 1/84th. scale. Subscription was sent off,and awaited my first delivery, which arrived on time, and workshop made ready. My first task was to make a jig in readyness, then a good read up of the excellent magazine instructions. The main ribs needed slight filing for a good fit and the charring on the part ribs removed with sandpaer. All went together nicely in the jig, THe cannon and anchor was next, a bit of superglue and paint and all was a nice looking cannon/anchor. The launch was next, All slotted in to the ply jig supplied very nicely indeed, and was soon being planked with quality wood and then painted as instructed. More ribs followed and was soon completed. The strips of high quality basswood soon had the planking underway,followed by the cutting out of the gunports. . More strips and more gunports soon followed,and the hull was complete. now the Victory was taking shape, With the decks in place and more cannons made she was really looking good. More decking to do, which the instructions were very comprehensive, also it is worth checking with the official build for guidence on any typo's in the magazine. Part's are coming thick and fast, so time is needed to study the mag. and implement the various stages of the masts and yards, which had full size plans to work to. As I was having the sail version, the rigging was a bit more complicated, but onwards and upwards and upwards and even more upwards,upwards nearly three foot(1mtr.) Gosh she was getting bigger and bigger, Into the final stages now, the shrouds, ratlines and backstays done, she was looking the biz. Impressed with the sails, so I dyed them in cold milkless tea, just the right colour, Had good comments from the forum members,an outstanding model,with all the quality parts you'd expect from artensia latina,good metal parts for the decorations and cannons, best quality ply, and wood to make any modeller proud. well done Deagostini for putting this superb model on the market,and thanks to all the forum members in the help of making this model of Lord Nelson's Victory.
  • 2014-08-18 18:36:39
    DeAgostini's Lord Nelsons HMS Victory Kit Review. By Jason Port (Jase) Deagostini's HMS Victory is multi media partwork that builds into a stunning replica of this iconic ship. If you have not built a model through a partwork before, there are a number of advantages. You get to spread the cost and build a kit that otherwise could be out of reach. Also as you get parts delivered as you need them you don't have to worry about storing and losing some of the tiny parts. So what do you get? Each issue comes with some parts and a magazine that contains both the instructions and some background history on both the ship and the period allowing you to become fully immersed in the build. The kit is primarily wood but also has metal parts for the cannons and some of the decoration as well as brass and materials for rigging and the really nice pre-stitched cloth sails. Although there are many ready to use parts such as the rigging blocks most of the material supplied needs the builder to fabricate parts as the model is constructed. All the materials are high quality with a mixture of woods to allow for a a colourful stained finish or painted finish. The instructions are the clearest I have ever used. Each issue comes with complete step by step instructions in full colour accompanied by expert tips to help construction. This is backed up by an official build diary within Modelspace. This level of support makes the kit accessible not just to the experienced model builder but also to the complete novice. The instructions give you the option of stained or a painted finish and at each step it is pointed out when to stain or paint the parts. The build sequence allows construction of smaller parts such as cannons anchors and the ships boat while other parts such as the ribs and planks are collected. The completed model is visually great and can be built with or withouts sails. DeAgostini even supply some figurines so you have the option animate the model and put Lord Nelson on that fateful spot on the Poop deck In summery this is a beautiful model that builds together surprisingly easily. A combination of high quality parts and fantastic, easy to follow, instructions means you don't have to be experienced in building wooden kits or indeed to have ever built a model to create a replica of Britain's most famous warship. I can highly recommend it.

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HMS Victory | 1:84 Model

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from £79.99 per month per complete kit

Availability: Out of stock

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