HMS Sovereign of the Seas

1:84 scale of the most powerful warship of the 17th century

HMS Sovereign of the Seas | 1:84 Model

HMS Sovereign of the Seas | 1:84 Model
Build the Sovereign of the Seas - 1:84 Scale Model
Build the Sovereign of the Seas - 1:84 wooden scale model of the original vessel
Build the Sovereign of the Seas -  Cast metal decorations
Build the Sovereign of the Seas - Several unique features
Build the Sovereign of the Seas - Guns, winches and the deck equipment are all superbly designed and finished
Build the Sovereign of the Seas - The figurehead and decor of the ship are all made from finely machined metal castings.
Build the Sovereign of the Seas - Flags are supplied already cut and sewn
Build the Sovereign of the Seas

HMS Sovereign of the Seas | 1:84 Model

HMS Sovereign of the Seas | 1:84 Model

Build a highly detailed 1:84-scale replica of the HMS Sovereign of the Seas.

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Build the most powerful warship of the 17th century. This is the finest model of HMS Sovereign of the Seas, with superb, authentic detail and several unique features. Even if you are new to the art of marine modelling, the clear step-by-step instructions will show you how to develop the skills you need to create a replica that does justice to infamous "Golden Devil". The 1:84 scale permits every feature of the real ship to be reproduced. 

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from £79.99 per month per complete kit

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Discover the HMS Sovereign of the Seas in breathtaking detail with this stunning 1:84 scale model, complete with all the parts to build the most powerful warship of the 17th century. Launched in 1637, and also known as the infamous "Golden Devil", HMS Sovereign of the Seas was the largest vessel of her time. Issue by issue discover the history and techniques of ship building and ship modelling, and experience for yourself the pure pleasure of building such a magnificent ship. A 1:84 wooden scale model of the original vessel, this exquisite model details every feature of the original ship. This comes with everything you need to build an incredible and unique model – to the highest standards.

The breathtaking 1:84-scale model is accurate to the last detail, including sails and rigging, cast metal decorations plus the anchors and cannons.





Your Modelling Experience

  1. Each shipment includes with high-quality metal and wooden parts to build your model
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    Pay-as-you-build: 12 months option at £79.99 per month.
    Full Kit: £849.
  3. Free delivery to UK and Ireland.
  4. For each pack, you can download detailed step-by-step assembly guides showing you how to build your model directly from the download section. Along with the clearly photographed instructions, the PDFs will explain all the modelling techniques you’ll need to achieve superb results, and include useful hints and tips to help you master the trickier skills involved.
  5. No commitment, No obligation - You are free to cancel at any time or return your Full Kit within 14 days. 

Key Features of the HMS Sovereign of the Seas

Sails and Flags
The cloth and flags are supplied already cut and sewn.
The unique and lavish decor was awe inspiring and shocked the other European seafaring nations of that time. The figurehead and decor of the ship are all made from finely machined metal castings.
Masts and Yards
The masts, yards and flagpoles are easily fitted with rigging and other essentials.
Every rope and spar is accurately depicted.
Anchors and Davits
The working anchors and davits are faithfully reproduced.
Finest Details
Guns, winches and the deck equipment are all superbly designed and finished.
She was the first ship in the world to be armed with more than 100 guns.


1:84 scale
High-quality wooden and cast metal parts
Cannons and anchors
Complete rigging
Cast metal decorations


Length: 1100mm  
Height: 900mm
Beam: 400mm                                             

Through your building experience, you will have help from our experts with the easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly guide. You car take a look also at our exclusive Sovereign of the Seas Forum and discuss with fellow modelers.
Even as a model-making novice, you can build this unique 1:84 scale model together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go. 

Your Build consists of 12 Packs. Each Pack has 11 stagesCLICK HERE for more details.

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HMS Sovereign of the Seas | 1:84 Model
  • 2014-10-07 09:01:56
    Rank: Super-Elite Build-Diary Medal: Build-Diary Medal of HonourPublisher Medal: Article published MedalActive Service Medal: 500 post active service MedalPurple Medal: Super active service medal for 1000 postsRed Medal: Red MedalTurquoise Medal: Turquoise Medal for model making know-how contribution Groups: Registered, Tech Support, registriert Joined: 04/04/2010 Posts: 3,936 Points: 11,881 Location: uk when this model was announced, I thought "gotta have this one" all that bling, and a nice shape too. so I dived in and took this build on. as the weeks went by,it became that things are not always what they seem, bamboo was to be used for the planking. having check each strip of bamboo for knots and blemishes I decided to change it for bass wood(lime)all went ok from then on. part were of high quality, and fitted. As I purchased from my local corner shop, I have had only two deliveries go a stray.which I eventually got later.I am now up to issue 110 and am very pleased with the results so far. I would throughly recommend this kit for a beginner,only because there is so much help on the forum to overcome any queries that might arise.
  • 2014-08-18 18:42:14
    I have over many years constructed many models and approximately three years ago I saw an advert offering the HMS Victory as a Partwork that I could afford weekly or monthly to suit my budget. I purchased the full 120 issues over a two year period and that was my reintroduction to model making. I have been a member of the Model Space Forum for three years joining in March 2010 and I have enjoyed the comradeship of other like minded modellers. When I heard that the Sovereign of the Seas was going to be introduced as a Partwork by Deagostini, it was a model that I felt I should acquire and build, particularly as it was in the same scale as HMS Victory, namely 1/84 scale and the fact that it was also the forerunner of HMS Victory, in fact Charles I flagship. I decided to buy it weekly from my newsagent which is just five minutes from home and that is how I am acquiring the 135 issues which comprise this model. AVAILABILITY I am very happy that the product is easily available to me and at the price which is spread over the 135 issues. So the affordability of a partwork like this is great for the public in general. QUALITY OF PARTS Currently I am at Issue 30, I found the quality of the parts to be very good, the hull is good quality plywood which comprises the ribs and the keel. The planking which is supplied in bamboo I decided not to use preferring to plank the ship in limewood. There are opportunities for experienced modellers to make certain modifications to the ship but it really is not necessary as everthing is supplied for you to complete the model to a very high standard. INSTRUCTIONS In my opinion the instructions supplied in this Partwork are lacking at times in clarity. They are not as good as the instructions that came with HMS Victory. However, the content of the magazine and all the different modeller tips and historical facts are excellent. I think it is essential that all purchasers of Deagostini Partworks should visit regularly the Official Build Diary which is provided by the company and is compiled by their professional modeller. This goes a long way to make up for the shortfall of clarity in the instructions. In conclusion I am enjoying the build very much and will update my review later on in the build. Mike Gilmore
  • 2014-08-18 18:41:38
    With my caring responsibilities I unfortunately find myself at home every evening and I felt I needed to find something to occupy my spare time rather than sitting in front of the square box. I saw the TV advert for the Sovereign of the Seas and was suitably impressed enough to take the plunge and to give it a try. I am a complete novice to the world of model ship building, let alone ship building in wood and had the obvious reservations on whether I had the ability and the skills necessary to complete such a model to an acceptable standard for display. In essence, I didn’t really know what to expect as I collected my first issue but decided to order the weekly magazine with my local newsagents. The downside to obtaining copies through the newsagents rather than subscribing via DeAgostini’s website was in not receiving the free gifts on offer, this was something I was willing to accept, plus the walk to the newsagent does me good. I could even now start a subscription from issue 31 onwards and still obtain the free gifts that way. The kit is supplied over 135 weeks but being a weekly part-work the cost is gentle on the pocket although some may think rather expensive in total by the end of the course. For me the enjoyment of the hobby is well worth the outlay. Each week there is enough work on the ship to be done yet not enough to give the feeling of having to rush the build in order to keep up with the weekly issues. Am now about to start on issue 30 and I have found the instructions within the magazine to be good and fairly easy to follow, this in conjunction with an official build diary available through the model forum has resulted in my having a successful build to date. Where I have encountered a problem the model forum and its members have come to the rescue with solutions. The magazine also provides excellent tips and guidance on general modelling issues and pitfalls together with articles on other modellers builds covering a variety of different ships and dioramas. There are also articles covering the history of naval ships and weaponry, all interesting and very informative. The quality of the parts supplied I found to be very good and although other modellers have decided to replace some of the supplied materials, such as the bamboo strips for planking the hull, I decided to work with most of the materials provided with very little problems encountered. As the build has progressed and my confidence has improved I have started to add my own small personal touches to make the model unique to me, this will continue as I get further into the build. On one occasion I did find a problem with warped parts, but a call to their customer services department resulted in the problem being resolved with replacement parts being supplied without any real hassle. My introduction to this hobby and my experience to date has resulted in my subscribing to the HMS Victory part-works, plus I now have a smaller build on the table, the San Francisco II. In conclusion, this ship is complex and quite large, but I believe with the instructions available, the materials provided, the wealth of experience and help that is available via the Model Space Forum, means even novice modellers such as myself can produce a first class model ship that can be displayed with pride and will provide many a talking point when visitors arrive. I would recommend this model to experienced modellers and novices alike, a tremendous amount of satisfaction awaits those who like me, decide to take the plunge. I will submit further review’s as the build progresses. Alan Gill

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HMS Sovereign of the Seas | 1:84 Model

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from £79.99 per month per complete kit

Availability: Out of stock

  • The most powerful warship of the 17th century
  • Breathtaking detail
  • Every rope and spar is accurately depicted
  • Cast Metal Decorations

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