Robi Full-Kit | Robot

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Robi Full-Kit | Robot
Robi Full-Kit | Robot
Robi Full-Kit | Robot
Robi Full-Kit | Robot
Robi Full-Kit | Robot
Robi Full-Kit | Robot
Robi Full-Kit | Robot
Robi Full-Kit | Robot

Robi Full-Kit | Robot

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Robi is a fusion of sophisticated design and advanced technology using parts created by top Japanese manufacturers. His components include precision servos, microcontrollers, and a state-of-the-art speech-recognition board.

NEW: Full kit available NOW! 

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Tomotaka Takahashi is an expert in robotics world famous and has designed this unique robot. "Until now, we always paid too much attention to robots' functionality," says Takahashi. "With Robi, I tried to focus on communication and emotions. Robi has no practical function, except the pleasure of those who share their time with him."

Robi can turn his head and pelvis 360 degrees. Microphones in his ears detect the location of a speaker and he will automatically turn his head towards him or her. He also has a built-in infrared remote emitter in his forehead so that he can function as a universal remote -- so Robi can control your TV (subject to suitable TV setup). The 35-cm tall, 1kg toy has a vocabulary of 250 English words and can understand more than 250 phrases and command. He can also dance and show emotion by changing the colour of his eyes -- and it will be you who puts him together!

It will take some time to complete making Robi, but he will gain functions at each stage. De Agostini ModelSpace expert team breaks it down in Five Easy Build Phases. The only tool you need to put Robi together is a crosshead screwdriver which is provided with your 1st pack. By the time his head is complete, you will have been provided with a temporary neck stand and circuit board so you can see his head movement start to develop under control of the servo.

  1. Receive all your parts in one shipment
  2. Free delivery to UK and Ireland. International shipping available
  3. Full Kit available at £999
  4. Your step-by-step instructions are available to download directly from us under the Build Section.

Key Features and functions of Robi

Height: 34 cm – Weight: APPROX. 1KG
Light-up LEDs 
Built-in LEDs allow Robi’s eyes and mouth to respond to words and movement. His eyes can glow red, yellow, green and blue, while his mouth will glow red.
Speech-recognition Board
Robi has a sophisticated speech recognition board programmed to understand many different English phrases and reply appropriately.
Microcontroller Board
The high-performance microcontroller board controls important functions such as Robi’s motion and reactions.
Robi’s chest includes a miniature speaker for his spoken responses.
Remote-control Module
Emits infrared signals like a remote control to operate compatible TV sets.
Motion Sensors
Robi’s motion sensors detect human presence and will turn his face in response to movement.
Servo Motors
Robi’s movements are controlled by a total of 20 servos. They use the Robi-servo command system to ensure smooth movement, and have simple, robust wiring connections.
Dual-purpose ‘Scarf’ 
Robi’s light-blue scarf functions as a convenient handle for lifting him without damage to his joints and internal wiring.
Robi can count down a specified number of minutes, and tell you when the time is up.
Robi can use his feet to polish a tabletop or hard floor surface.
Security Setting 
Robi can be set to ask for a password and respond with an alert if he gets the wrong answer
Robi knows how to play a variety of games, including ‘soccer’ and quizzes.
Battery Charging
When Robi’s batteries begin to run low, he says ‘I’m hungry’ to let you know. Then it’s time to turn on his charging seat, so Robi can start to recharge.

The magazine shows you how to put together the parts that come with every issue. Everything is demonstrated very clearly and Robi is easy to assemble. Accompanying the build guides, you will receive fascinating articles introducing you to the world of robotics

Through your building experience, you will have help from our experts with the easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly guide. You can also watch our Official Video Build Diary on Youtube or take a look also at our exclusive Robi Forum and discuss with fellow modelers.

Build your Own Robi
Pack 1 - Stage 1
Pack 1 - Stage 2
Pack 1 - Stage 3
Pack 1 - Stage 4

Your Build consists of 18 Packs. Each Pack has either 3 or 4 stages. CLICK HERE for more details. 

Download more information about Robi


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Robi Full-Kit | Robot

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We believe that you will be 100% satisfied with your scale model but in some cases, you might need to cancel your subscription. There is no commitment and so no obligation to continue your subscription. If you wish to cancel your subscription at any time after the 14 working days following receipt of your first pack, you are free to do so at any time. However, we would advise that you provide us with 28 days notice of cancellation as otherwise pack/s may already be on their way to you and we will be unable to prevent the delivery. Please let us know by contacting us for cancellation of your subscription.

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