Lamborghini Huracán | Smart Charger Kit

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Lamborghini Huracan - Smart Charger Kit
Lamborghini Huracan - Battery Pack

Lamborghini Huracán | Smart Charger Kit

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Order this great complete set containing the Smart Charger Kit by VAPEX and a 6V battery pack to easily keep the charge for your Lamborghini Huracán racing car model. 

Smart Charger Kit:
Charges 4-10 cell NiCd or NiMH battery packs. (4.8V - 12V) Delta-Peak microprocessor controlled charging, switches to trickle charge once pack is charged. LED shows when charging & when complete.

6V Battery Pack: 
High capacity & very high discharge capability.

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Product in Depth

Get a complete charging kit for your Lamborghini Huracán racing car model, containing the VAPEX Smart Charger Kit and a 6V Battery Pack.

6V Battery Pack:
Highest capacity “in-line” style receiver pack, includes charge lead.  

Capacity: 1600mAh
Weight: 109g
Max Discharge Current: 4,800mA
Internal Resistance:  <100 mOhms (at full charge)

VAPEX Smart Charger Kit:
This kit is designed to charge Nickel-Metal Hydride or Nickel Cadmium 4~10 Cells battery packs with Standard Tamiya Male Connector. It can distinguish 4~10 cells pack by MPU inside automatically and cut-off the charging accordingly. It is easy to use. Manual-adjustment is not needed. By using different adaptors, this charger can be used to charge battery packs with Futaba Female connector, JR Female connector, Tamiya Small Male connector, Micro Female connector etc.

Input Rated Voltage & Line Frequency: 240VAC 50Hz
Rated Voltage: DC18.0V+-5%
Rated Current: DC500mA
Rated Cells Pack: 4~10 Cells
No Load Voltage: DC23.5V Max
Trickle Current: 60mA Max
Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity 
Protection included

- Recharges 4~10 pieces cells battery packs Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries with Standard Tamiya Male connector. 
- Microprocessor-control System (For protection and safety). 
- Batteries life is well protected by –dV detection and timer protection. 
- LED display for Rapid charge/trickle charge.
- Red LED- rapid charge.
- Green LED- Fully Charged & trickle charge.
- Flash Red and Green LED- short.
- Flash Red LED: Reverse polarity or Wrong Battery.
- Safety features:  -dV cut-off function 

User instructions:
1. Connect 1 pack of 4~10 cells pack with Tamiya Male connector to the Female connector of the charger. 
2. Make correct contact of the Female and Male connectors.
3. Plug charger into mains socket.
4. The status LED will glow Red when the batteries are receiving charge. 
5. After charge is completed, the status LED will change green to indicate that the charge is completed and batteries are ready for use. 
6. Once the status LED is Green, the charge switches to trickle mode to keep the batteries at full. 
7. Unplug the charger and remove the batteries from the charger when not in use.  

Charging Time:
* Charging time will vary depending upon the brand capacity and condition of batteries being charged. 

Size Charging current Charging Time
800mAh 500mA 1.5 hours
1600mAh 500mA 3.3 hours
2000mAh 500mA 4.7 hours
2600mAh 500mA 6 hours
3000mAh 500mA 6.5 hours
3300mAh 500mA 7 hours
3700mAh 500mA 8 hours
4300mAh 500mA 9 hours
4600mAh 500mA 10 hours
5000mAh 500mA 11 hours



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Lamborghini Huracán | Smart Charger Kit

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