Build the Volkswagen Beetle 1303 Cabriolet Model Car
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Build the VW Beetle 1303 Cabriolet Model - Coming Soon

Coming soon to the ModelSpace catalogue, the iconic VW Beetle Cabriolet model car in 1:8 scale. A highly-detailed model build officially licensed by Volkswagen - enjoy constructing one of the world’s all-time favourite cars, the open-top Cabriolet perhaps being the most popular of all.

Also known as the “VW Bug”, the “VW Käfer” in Germany, and the “VW Maggiolino” in Italy, the Beetle is one of the most well-known car models in history. The open-top 1303 Cabriolet version was the last version of its kind and was immensely popular across Europe for decades.

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The VW Beetle Cabriolet Model Car in Depth

The Volkswagen Beetle was first designed and made available in 1938 as the “people’s car” for everyday families living in Germany at the time. Fast forward to 1949 and the first VW Cabriolet was manufactured.

About the Iconic Car

The 1303 ‘Super’ version was the last of the line - and in many ways it was the best. It was powered, as always, by the latest incarnation of VW’s rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-four engine. But under the classic Beetle exterior, the chassis benefited from the most radical re-engineering the design enjoyed throughout its long life.

Modifications to the suspension gave better handling, allowed front disc brakes to be fitted and also increased the boot space. The drop-top body also enjoyed subtle refinements, including a more safety-conscious padded dashboard and steering wheel, wraparound windscreen, and larger tail lights.

About the Scale Model

As a 1:8 scale replica, the VW Beetle Cabriolet model car aims to faithfully include as many aspects of the original car as possible in its design. Careful attention to detail has been used in its creation in order to put forward a genuine and accurate replica which is fully licensed by Volkswagen.

The VW Beetle Cabriolet model car in 1:8 scale is a highly-detailed replica of the much-loved 1303 ‘Super’ Cabriolet version. Just like the original car, it features a real fabric drop-top hood, wraparound windscreen, fully independent suspension and front disc brakes – plus VW's iconic rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-four engine.

Experience the satisfaction of completing this model piece by piece, month by month, with a full subscription from ModelSpace. From the iconic curve of the car’s metal body to the rich padded interior of the seats and dashboard, you will soon understand why the Beetle is still a timeless classic for so many.

Product Specifications

The ModelSpace VW Beetle Cabriolet model car authentically recreates many of the major and minor details of the original vehicle, including:

  • Quality Materials & Finish – The main body panels are cast in solid metal, which gives strength to the model, as well as a high-quality, realistic pre-painted finish.

  • Genuine Rubber Tyres – The wheels are made of die-cast metal, fitted with rubber tyres with accurately reproduced tread designs and sidewall markings.

  • Authentic Fabric Roof – The Cabriolet’s drop-top roof has been reproduced in fabric, which perfectly mimics the original canvas and folds up and down in the same way.

  • Opening Doors, Bonnet & Engine Cover – Sturdy metal hinges ensure an accurate fit when opening and closing these panels.

  • Detailed Interior – Inside, the fully modelled dashboard and controls, seat upholstery, door trim, and floor match the details, materials and colours of the original vehicle.

  • Folding Seats – The seats have movable headrests and folding backrests that work just like those on the real Beetle.

  • Functional Windows – For extra realism, the side windows slide up and down to give the same appearance as the original car.

  • Fully Detailed Engine – Under the opening engine cover is an accurate replica of VW’s distinctive power unit, complete with transmission and exhaust.

  • Working Steering – The front wheels turn to left and right, with a functioning steering rack that turns the steering wheel to match.

  • Working Suspension – Four spring-loaded shock absorber units perfectly mimic the operation of the 1303’s fully independent suspension.

  • Sturdy Chassis – Just as on the real car, the engine and the main front/rear suspension components are screwed to a rigid floorpan.

  • Working Lights and Horn Sound – Bring your model to life with working lights and horn sound which make the final build that much more of a lively replica of the original car.

  • Accessible Compartments – Both the boot and hood are retractable, allowing for appreciation of the inner working of the car as if you were looking inside the real thing.

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