3D Printer idbox! | Full Kit

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Build your own 3D printer - idbox!
Build your own 3D printer - idbox!
Dimensions 250 (width) × 250 (depth) × 275 (height) mm | Weight 5kg
Build your own 3D printer - idbox!
Build your own 3D printer - idbox!
Build your own 3D printer - Details
Build your own 3D printer - idbox!
Build your own 3D printer - idbox!
NEW: Build your own 3D printer - idbox!

3D Printer idbox! | Full Kit

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3D technology is now available for you at home! Turn an idea in your head or on paper into an object you can hold in your hand with this amazing 3D printer, the idbox!
The idbox is a lightweight, compact and stylish machine that is easy to work with, and has a fast modeling speed. Look forward to making your first dynamic three-dimensional works.

With the full kit you will receive all build phases in one go with easy-to-follow build instructions in color build guides.

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Product in Depth

3D printing: the opportunities are limitless! De Agostini ModelSpace brings you the latest technology available on the market and make it easy for you to build your own 3D printer and also print the object you want with our step by step guide.

If you can imagine a shape, you can print it with your 3D printer - the Idbox!

Use your imagination, input the data into the 3D modelling software on your PC, then output on the idbox!

3D printing is one of the most exciting technological developments of recent years, bringing 3D manufacturing capability within reach of millions of users. As well as the extraordinary growth in home 3D printing with the exciting possibilities it offers to anyone who wants to make their own stuff, to order and when it suits them, the technology is also changing the world at large in numerous ways.

3D printers are great for creating whatever you can design or download, whether it’s a miniature figure, a part for a device or a handy accessory. But how do you get a solid object that you can hold in your hand from a file in your computer? Here we look at the technology that allows your 3D printer to create an actual object from a virtual one.

Plan: Before you can print anything out on a 3D printer you need a design. Think of the piece that you want to make. It can be based on a real object or a sketch - it's up to your imagination!

Model: The 3D object is designed on a computer. You can either come up with your own design, using modeling software like AUTODESK 123D, or download an existing design file from one of the many sites on the Internet that offers ready-to-use 3D objects. The information contained in a file describes the size and shape of the object. When you have a design that you want to print out, the information in the file is sent to special 3D printing software that converts the data into instructions that control how the printer deposits the material to make the model.

Print: Once the data is complete, it is output from the PC to the 3D printer. Start the program and wait for the shape to emerge...

The model is built up layer by layer starting from the bottom.

There are many different types of 3D printer, depending on the materials they use and the way they work. One common type uses fused deposition modelling, where a heated molten material – usually plastic – is extruded in thin strips that harden to create the object. The material is supplied in a filament that is fed into an extruder where it is heated ready to be laid down. It hardens rapidly when it cools in contact with the air. The object being printed is built up strip by strip, and layer by layer. The extruder moves by tiny amounts between laying down each strip as the model is built up from the bottom. Most home 3D printers work this way.

Finish: Your three-dimensional artwork has been created! We will show you how to polish the surface or add colour. Add a professional finish to your work!

After a design has been printed out there are a few more things that might need doing to finish it off. If, for instance, the design had overhanging structures these might have been reinforced with supports, as part of the design, to stop it deforming during printing. These supports now need to be removed. Depending how they are made or how thick they are they might need to be snapped off using your fingers or cut off carefully with a craft knife. 3D printing can leave the object with grooves or ridges on it. These can be smoothed off with a file or abrasive paper. The final step might be to paint the model for extra effect.

Your Modeling Experience

  1. Model consists of high-quality parts to build your own 3D printer, the idbox! 
  2. Delivery to USA, Canada and Mexico within 6 to 8 working days
  3. Full Kit is delivered in one shipment
  4. Includes easy-to-follow printed full color magazines with detailed Assembly Guide

Free Gifts

  • BuildTakCreates an optimal bond between the 3D printed object and build surface that maximizes the chances your object will be held in place for the duration of the print and then allow for clean and easy removal of the object from the build surface. 
  • Polimaker - 3D printing Filament to print the object you want. 

Key Features 3D Printer idbox!


Modeling method:
Fused deposition modeling

Maximum modeling Size: 150 (width) × 130 (depth) × 100 (height) mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Stacking pitch: 0.1mm

Modeling speed: 100mm per second

Filament size: PLA, ABS* each 1.75mm


Corresponding OS: Windows 7 or more, Mac OS X

Use the software - AutoDesk 123D: Design to create an object or 3D artwork. Before you start, go to AudoDesk 123D and follow the links and instructions to download and install the version of the program suitable for your computer.

Corresponding 3D printing software: Repetier Host is scheduled to idbox customized version. Software is subject to change, but you can use the ones you have customized for idbox!

*When you output in ABS, it is recommended the use of dedicated building sheets. Building sheets will be free to subscribers. Please see the Subscribers Guide for details.

Overall Dimensions

Dimensions 250 (width) × 250 (depth) × 275 (height) mm | Weight 5kg

Your Full Kit will include...

How to assemble easily the idbox!: Learn how to put together the 3D printer

The step-by-step assembly is described in easy-to-follow photos. The parts are provided every issue, and can be completed without difficulty.

3D printers worldwide: Explore the 3D possibilities of the future

A look at the work of companies and creators worldwide who have taken advantage of the 3D printer. Look into the future to see how 3D imaging software is being used for an endless range of applications!

Basic course: Learn the basics of 3D printing

Learn how to get your 3D printer working - the meaning of various technical terms that you will encounter along the way and the characteristics of the materials being used.

Modeling Guide: Make a 3D shape from basic data

Create the data required for outputting a three dimensional object using the special software, and learn while you work. Starting from the basics, we will guide you step-by-step through the various stages of the operation.


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3D Printer idbox! | Full Kit

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