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  1. Samurai Armour

    Samurai Armour | 1:2 Model | Full Kit

    Regular Price: $899.99

    Special Price $584.99

    Authentic equipment of Japans legendary military class, modelled in 1:2 scale. The classic suits of armour worn by Japans famed samurai warriors evolved over more than a thousand years to reach a peak of artistry and sophistication.

    Order your Samurai full kit online today and receive everything in one shipment.  Comes complete with a fascinating magazine giving you the history of Japan and its legendary samurai warriors along with your detailed Assembly Guide.

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  2. Cutty Sark - 1:84 scale model

    Cutty Sark | 1:84 Model | Full Kit

    Regular Price: $379.99

    Special Price $284.99

    The clipper Cutty Sark was built in 1869 at Dumbarton, Scotland. She was destined for the tea trade, then an intensely competitive race across the globe from China to London. Together with ModelSpace, Artesania Latina presents a perfect rendition of this graceful 19th-century tea clipper. 1:84 scale.

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  3. Soleil Royal scale 1:70

    one of the French Navy's most elaborate flagships. Build your own 1:70 scale model replica of the legendary Soleil Royal. Said to have been one of the most impressively decorated of all baroque ships, she led the French fleet at the Battle of Beachy Head before being destroyed by British and Dutch forces whilst undergoing repair in 1692. All the model parts are accurately machined and pre-finished to give superb final results.

    Order your Soleil Royal full kit online today and receive everything in one shipment.

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  4. C57 Locomotive

    Now available as a Full Kit!

    Experience one of the 20th Century's most iconic locomotives. Build your own 1:24 scale model C57 locomotive, Japan's classic standardised modern engine.

    Made by the Japanese National Railways (JNR) from 1937 to 1953, the ""Noble Lady"" was built as an improvement on the earlier Class C55 locomotives. This is a truly stunning model made from high-quality brass and steel.

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