Model Ships

Model Ships

Enter the world of high end model ships building with ModelSpace's superb model ship kits!

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  1. Build the Vasa in 1:65 Scale

    Vasa | 1:65 Model

    from $109.99 per month per complete kit

    Get 25% Off the entire subscription + 1st Pack for FREE for the 12 months option.

    Only until 20/12/2018.

    Build the extraordinary 1:65 scale replica of the legendary Swedish warship Vasa, a faithful reproduction of the original vessel.

    12 month option = $109.99 per month plus S&H

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  2. Build The Battleship Yamato 1:250

    Get ready for a premier modeling experience with the Battleship Yamato, the iconic flagship of Japan's World War II fleet in 1:250 scale. This model is not available anywhere else and is a stunning addition to any ship modeler's collection. 

    NEW: Order your full kit Today! 

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  3. Soleil Royal scale 1:70

    Soleil Royal | 1:70 Model | Full Kit

    Regular Price: $1,299.99

    Special Price $909.99

    one of the French Navy's most elaborate flagships. Build your own 1:70 scale model replica of the legendary Soleil Royal. Said to have been one of the most impressively decorated of all baroque ships, she led the French fleet at the Battle of Beachy Head before being destroyed by British and Dutch forces whilst undergoing repair in 1692. All the model parts are accurately machined and pre-finished to give superb final results.

    Order your Soleil Royal full kit online today and receive everything in one shipment.

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  4. Santa Ana Ship Full Kit

    The Santa Ana was built at El Ferrol (Spain) in 1784. She was the prototype of a series of 8 ship and carried 112 guns.

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  5. HMS Bounty

    Fitted as a frigate, HMS Bounty is the ship that sailed into the history books in 1789 when Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers forced the tyrannical Captain Bligh and 18 loyal crew members into an open longboat with few provisions and cast it adrift. The Bounty sailed on and anchored at Pitcairn Island, while in an extraordinary feat of seamanship, Bligh and his men survived the open sea to make land on the island of Timor: a journey of 4,000 miles!

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  6. HMS Victory Cross-Section

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    Build this detailed cross-section model of the legendary HMS Victory in stunning 1:72 scale. Get fascinating insight into the life on board Lord Nelson's premier warship of the Georgian era. 

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  7. Virginia Schooner scale model

    Virginia Schooner | 1:41 Model

    from $24.99 per month per complete kit

    Build the Virginia Schooner in 1:41 scale.

    At the start of the 19th century the United States began to build small fore-and-aft rigged sailing ships called schooners, offering great manoeuvrability and elegance. The Virginia was designed in 1819 and launched that same year.

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  8. USS Constitution | 1:76 Model | Full Kit

    USS Constitution | 1:76 Model | Full Kit

    Regular Price: $1,049.99

    Special Price $734.99

    Build the stunning 1:76 scale reproduction of one of the most famous ships of the US Navy. Launched in 1797 in Boston, the USS Constitution is the oldest ship in the world still able to take to the sea. In more than two centuries of history, she has overcome piracy and the British Navy, and then served as a training ship and a museum.

    The quality of materials, along with the clear, detailed instructions, make it straightforward to assemble this model, even for beginners.

    Now available as a Full Kit!

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Enjoy the thrill of building model ships at home with our fantastic range of kits. Perfect as a solo activity or as something to enjoy with the kids, we have everything you need to make perfect replicas of water vessels from countless eras.

The power of a battleship, the design of warships and the beauty of sailing boats can all be replicated in models that you build with your own two hands. These beautiful wooden ships are exact replicas of the real thing, giving you the chance to own and build your very own boat for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Model sailing boats including a battleship model make great long-term projects, offering the chance to use your hands and do something creative. We also have a range of detailed planes, trains, cars and more for you to make once you've completed your model boats - giving you the chance to create a full fleet of vehicles.

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